Sealed League

Each match is best two out of three games, with a 90-minute time limit.

Play up to four matches per week, no minimum.  You get 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, and for losses: 1 point for a 2/1 loss, 0 points for a 3/0 loss. You have a chance to get that 1 point on the third game. You can’t play the same opponent twice in the same week, unless you are playing for tiebreaker points. If you cannot complete all of the matches in a week, you are given one extra week to make them up.

You can play more than Four matches a week to earn tiebreaker points. Tiebreaker points are what make a the difference between two players with the same number of league points. Matches after the first five award 3 tiebreaker points for a win, 1 tiebreaker point for a draw, and 0 tiebreaker points for a loss.

The first week, Players will purchase their 6 starting packs, and from that pool construct a 40 card minimum deck. Each subsequent week, Players can buy one new booster from Standard to supplement there deck. This includes Theros Block, M15, and Khans of Tarkir Block. Please record all cards in your pool and allow an Organizer to verify.

Players can come in anytime to play their matches, but Mondays 5pm and after will be league play night.

At the end of the league, players are awarded prizes based on their league rating. Prizes will be Packs of Khans of Tarkir.

Weekly standing and players’ card pools will be posted on this Blog.

Thanks, and happy gaming.


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