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Born of the Gods League Reportings Round 1

Standard League Standing

1. B “That’s Trash” K running” Experimental Hunter” a mono green aggro deck with 39 points

2. Adam Raschig with “Rakdos Aggro” a black red aggro deck 30 points

3. Vince Martinez running “Esper Control” a blue, white and black deck with 24 points

4. Devin Johnson running “Simic Control” a blue green combo deck with 24 points

5. James Pekoll running “Golgari Midrange” a black green combo deck with 24 points

6. Caleb Trainor running “BoReck” a white and red midrange deck with 24 points

7. Mike “The Draft” Gibowski running “Esper Eggroll” a blue, white and black deck with 18 points

8. Paul Thomas running “Blue Waves” a mono blue devotion deck with 15 points

B “That’s Trash” K took a furious lead monopolizing on a consistent creature drop and using cards like phytoburst and giant growth to apply early pressure. Adam Raschig followed up in a current second using fast human creatures early game and trading in his humans for zombies via Xathrid necromancer.

Modern League

Paul Thomas running “Human Cavern” a boris aggro deck with 6 points

Caleb Trainor running “BGI!!!” a golgari infect deck with 0 points

Caleb came out with Phyrexian Crusaders hoping to wither away Paul’s creatures and finally poison the competition. However, the opposition took the lead using Mikaeus, the Lunarch and Champion of the Parish to out pace Caleb’s -1/-1 counters.

Legacy League

Vince Martinez running “Legacy Goblins” a tribal goblin deck with 12 points

Paul Thomas “Gruul Legacy” a tribal elemental deck with 6 points

Caleb Trainor running “EAA” a tribal elf deck with 3 points

Vince blitzed the opponents using goblin matron, goblin chieftain, and warren instigator to ensure a consistent and solid assault, Paul came in swinging heavy with rumbling slum and Caleb was left to pitch his much needed elvish war engine into the fray just to cling on the hopes of another turn.



Rakdos Aggro – Adam Raschig

Rakdos Aggro! What a fun deck. Its fast as "Hell". Can you stop this wave of fire?
Rakdos Guilgate

Rakdos Aggro - Adam R

Creatures (27) (27)
Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch
Mogis's Marauder
Rakdos Aggro
Rakdos Shred-freak
Spike Jester
Thrill-kill Assassin
Tormented Hero
Xathrid Necromancer

Enchantments (3) (3)
Madcap Skills

Instant (6) (6)
Doom Blade
Lightning Strike
Magma Jet

Land (22) (22)
Blood Crypt
10 Swamp

Sorcery (2)
Sideboard (15)
Boon of Erebos
Dark Betrayal
Erebos, God of the Dead
Devour Flesh
Lightning Strike
Thrill-kill Assassin
Whip of Erebos