Magic The Gathering Yu-Gi-Oh Pokemon
Dice Masters Warmachine
Magic The Gathering Yu-Gi-Oh Pokemon

Weekly Events

Monday: D&D Expeditions 6pm (Open Seats)

Tuesday: D&D Expeditions 6pm (Call About Open Seats)

Wednesday: Card Trading 2 - 6 pm

Thursday: Magic Standard Tournament 6pm

Thursday: Magic Draft 9pm (Call About Open Seats)

Friday: FNM Draft (Newest Set) 6pm

Friday: Standard 7:30 pm

Friday: Draft 9:30 pm

Saturday: D&D Adventure League and Casual (Call About Open Seats)

Saturday: Magic Draft (Pick a pack from Standard) 1pm.

Saturday: Modern 6 pm

Sunday: Casual D&D (Call About Open Seats)

Sunday: Magic Draft (Pick a pack from Standard) 7:30pm.


The Wizard's Moo

Sunday: 1pm - 9pm(Or Later)
Monday: 2pm - 8pm(Or Later)
Tuesday: 2pm - 8pm(Or Later)
Wednesday: 2pm - 6pm(Or Later)
Thursday: 12pm - 8pm(Or Later)
Friday: 2pm -10pm(Or Later)
Saturday: 1pm - 8pm(Or Later)

We are located centrally in downtown Newburg, unmistakably residing between the Newburg Fire Department and the United States Post Office.

Phone: 262-477-2004

450 Main Street